Qatar Must Act to Improve Relations With Neighbours News and Events, Statements, The Ambassador

Our governments have no desire to turn Qatar into a “vassal state” (Editorial, April 20). We do though expect Qatar to adhere to international norms in the fight against terrorism.

Following his meeting at the White House on 11 April, Qatar’s Emir Tamim told the world’s media that Qatar does “not tolerate people who fund and support terrorism”. Just two days later, the Qatari Prime Minister attended a wedding hosted by Abdulrahman Al Nuaymi, an international designated terror financier who according to the US Treasury “oversaw the transfer of $2 million per month” to al-Qaeda in Iraq. He is one of several terror fundraisers who have operated from Qatar with impunity, an example of the country’s systematic support for terrorists.

Meanwhile, far from seeking to improve relations with its neighbours, Qatar has used its media networks to support and promote the actions of terrorists across the region — most egregiously, by broadcasting calls by Houthis for attacks on Saudi Arabia.

Qatar says one thing to Western audiences but in reality does another. Instead of focusing on public relations campaigns, Qatar should truly change its behaviour; and then this dispute will end.

Prince Mohammad bin Nawaf al-Saud
Ambassador to the UK of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Nasser Kamel
Ambassador to the UK of the Republic of Egypt

Sheikh Fawaz bin Mohammed al-Khalifa
Ambassador to the UK of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Sulaiman Almazroui
Ambassador to the UK of the United Arab Emirates