Personal visas

Personal visas are available for those wishing to visit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for reasons that are not related to business or family.

Authorisation by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have been obtained by the sponsor Saudi citizen in Saudi Arabia prior to the applicant applying for a visa.

Please follow the link below to access a visa form. Click the tab in the top left corner to translate the page into English:

Visa applications may be lodged at the consular section of the embassy: 32 Charles Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5DZ


Monday to Thursday

                                    Lodging                              Collection
Individuals              9am-12pm                           3pm-4pm
Agents                    9am-10:30am                     3pm-4pm



                                    Lodging                              Collection
Individuals               9am-11am                           2pm-3pm
Agents                     9am-10:30am                     2pm-3pm