Mission and organisation visas

Missions and organisations visas are available for the purposes of visiting diplomatic missions and other organisations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Authorisation by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs must have been obtained by the sponsor Mission or Organisation in Saudi Arabia prior to the applicant applying for a visa. Applicants require a letter of introduction from a British company, ministry or organisation in the United Kingdom.

Please follow the link below to access a visa form. Click the tab in the top left corner to translate the page into English:


Applicants must submit:

1. A copy of the electronic letter of invitation from the Saudi sponsor Mission or Organisation.

2. An original letter of introduction addressed to the Consular Section from the British company, ministry or organisation at which the applicant is employed. This letter must be stamped by the British Chamber of Commerce. A template of an introduction letter is available here.

3. British and European Union passport holders must provide proof of residence in the United Kingdom. Original copies of documents are required; permitted documents include bank statements.

4. Applicants not holding British or European passports must submit proof of their United Kingdom residence permit.

A visa fee is payable online at https://enjazit.com.sa.

Visa applications may be lodged at the consular section of the embassy: 32 Charles Street, Mayfair, London, W1J 5DZ

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